Events and Festivals

There are a couple of events and festivals that take place in Perak all year round. One of the biggest and most celebrated events in Perak is the Chinese New Year and it is a huge spectacle. In August, the state just like the rest of the country is full of patriotic fever thanks to the national Day and there is so much to enjoy during these events and festivals.

January- Chinese New Year: there is plenty of joy all over Perak during Chinese New Year. You will see friends, family and other loved ones giving little red packets to each other called the angpows. According to the traditions of Perak, these packages usually contain money, which signifies prosperity. The celebrations are followed by a lot of dancing and eating and people aim at warding off the evil spirits. The New Year Eve is the best times for those much awaited family get together.

April- Perak River Safari: when April comes calling, Perak River usually witnesses a lot of excitement and thrills with the water carnival. Whether you are a local or a tourist from a foreign country, there are so many activities that you can get involved in. most of the common water sports during this time are jet- ski races and power boat races. If you are not in the water, then you can enjoy tug of war, football and volleyball. The atmosphere always screams fun and the excitement knows no limit.

July- Ipoh Fun Run: This is the time that you should be in your best running shoes. Each year, July is always a time of having fun in Perak and you will see a lot of people running all the way from Ipoh to Bandaraya and back to Ipoh again.

August- National Day- The anniversary of Malaysian independence is celebrated on 31st August and the day is characterized by entertainment shows and parades. All over the country, cities and towns usually display lights and decorations and there is always a party atmosphere all over the country.

September- Malaysia Fest: This is a two weeks festival. You will witness shopping centers and hotels around Perak involving themselves with celebrations and features showcasing different aspects of the Malaysian culture like handcrafts and different cuisines. September is also time for Temenggor Fishing Contest and this is the best time to drop off in Perak if you are a fishing fanatic.

October- Deepavali: This is Hindu Festival of Lights and the celebration usually signifies the reigning of the good over evil. Hindus all over Malaysia usually decorate their homes using lights that mark the event. There are also some fishing events in Perak during the month of October as well.

December- Christmas: December is always a time of merry making in Perak as Christians celebrate Christmas just like their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world. Even non- Christians in Perak have so much to enjoy during this time as the atmosphere is always incredibly awesome.



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