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Pangkor Island has on multiple occasions been name as a dreamland for tourists visiting Malaysia. The island has so much to offer than you would probably imagine. This exotic island lies on the north- western part of peninsular of Malaysia. This is an incredibly intriguing island that covers an area of bout 8 sq km and about 25000 people call Pangkor Island home. Generally speaking, fishermen are the main inhabitants of the island and their settlements appear scattered all over the island. Fishing and sale of fish products is the biggest industry of Pangkor Island. With its many wonderful attractions and beautiful beaches, the island has been one of the hottest tourist destinations.

The Pangkor Island ideally lies off the coastal part of Perak state that has a large number of islands with Pangkor Laut and Pangkor Island being the most prominent ones. Unlike Pangkor Laut which is a private island, Pangkor Island is a public owned island and attracts numerous of tourists especially those travelling to Perak on a budget holiday. One of the things that you will find in Pangkor Island is the incredibly beautiful beaches that will make you want to stay on the island for more days than you had initially planned for.

Being an island, beautiful beaches surround Pangkor Island on all sides. The most attractive beaches here are the Nipah Beach and Coral Beach even though there are many others that will lure you with amazement as well. If you are visiting Pangkor Island, make sure that you give these beaches a priority in your travel schedule and be sure not to miss them. Pangkor Island is also a great place to go for water sporting activities and snorkeling.

The two islets in Pangkor Island are Pulau Mentagor and Pulau Giam, which are nicely fenced by the strikingly beautiful corals, fishes and sea cucumbers. The fact that Pangkor Island is a great destination for snorkeling makes tourists to enjoy the place greatly. Besides snorkeling, there is also a wide range of some incredible water sporting activities, which will keep you occupied during the whole period that you are vacationing here and you will be entertained to the maximum. The jungle trek in Pangkor Island is something worthy trying by anyone looking for adventure in the island. Pangkor Island also has quite a lot to offer bird waters as there is a huge number of highly fascinating species like the hornbill or the so called Burung Enggang which arrive on the island.

Even though beaches are the major attraction of Pangkor Island, there are also many other places of interest here as well. Such include the Pangkor town, fishing villages, Batu Bersurat, tortoise hill, kali Amman temple, and tiger rock, Fu Lin Kong Temple, The Marina Island Pangkor and The Tombs. The Pangkor Island can be accessed either by air or road. Ferry services are also available. Tourists are not allowed to drive into Pangkor Island with their cars but can use their bicycles and motorbikes for ground transportation on the Island.



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